Why you should use Virtual Data Room (VDR) for Real Estate

In times of digitization, choosing the right software solution is one of the most important success factors for real estate companies. With the virtual data room, they can complete all the essential work steps faster and more efficiently and concentrate fully on core business activities – contact your customers.

How to organize real estate transactions properly?

The real estate companies could not only use their wealth of data in the transaction phase of a building but over its entire life cycle. Therefore, large arrays of business-critical data should be processed securely. For this purpose, companies choose well-organized virtual data rooms.

The virtual data room (VDR) is a product of IT technologies, a software solution that builds an automated system for managing the activities of an enterprise, including:

  • storage and processing of large amounts of information;
  • consolidation of all information resources into a single database.

The operation of the real estate data room is not limited to any particular area or division of the enterprise. It covers all of its work as a whole. It is a tool for automating the entire business, allowing you to link all individual processes into a single center based on a powerful software platform. The integrated data room management system maximally combines everything in production into a standard procedure. Thanks to this, less time is needed to search and adapt the information.

While working with the software, you can directly access your object folders on the server. All property documents are collected in a separate data room. Each property receives an extra storage space directly from the software. Large amounts of data such as floor plans, excerpts from the land register, cadastre and construction plans, energy performance certificates, etc. then, no longer have to be sent but can be viewed online. You can send the personalized link to the contractor if an object is requested.

The software automatically applies any changes you make in the folders. The files are also displayed in e-mail correspondence or the offer process so that you can quickly and easily add further property information such as tenant lists or building specifications as an attachment. In the end, everything is up-to-date, complete, and orderly.

Reasons to implement data room software in real estate deals

Transaction organizers recognize that successful deals require superior strategy, thorough due diligence, and well-thought-out integration plans. In real estate deals, parties involved in sales and purchase transactions need easy access to confidential documents to complete the due diligence process and meet closing deadlines. It is how the real estate data room helps with every step of due diligence. Five key points characterize the main advantages of the real estate VDR solution:

  • tool versatility. Automation can be carried out in almost any production. The system includes a wide range of tools, including those suitable for companies operating in various sectors of the economy. The program is successfully used not only in manufacturing enterprises but also in banking, trade, provision of services, etc.;
  • easy change of scale and flexibility of the tool allowing integration of other applications into it. It is enough to simply configure the system for any processes, and ensure the work of a variety of enterprises;
  • a single platform provides a shared information environment that greatly facilitates the interaction of structural units, personnel, and managers;
  • flexible distribution of access, protection of corporate information;
  • planning and accounting at a high professional level – prompt collection, processing, storage of significant amounts of information, accurate distribution of enterprise resources, accounting of all data, and competent management decisions.
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